Quality Assurance

Our team creates a ton of work for thousands of brands. It is important that our work matches the design briefs, and we avoid any common mistakes. Your laser focus will be that supporting factor!

Not Your Uncles Quality Assurance

Checking Work in a Digital World.

We’re a company of remote designers in a digital world where company meetings happen on webcams and bragging about how cute your baby is takes place on Slack channels. 

Despite the inherent challenges, we’ve worked hard to create an enjoyable and inviting atmosphere for our team members.

We encourage small talk and relationship building as well as digital hangouts and collaboration, so everyone feels like part of the family.  

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Building A Dream Team

Who We're Looking For

Our unique service presents unique challenges. We service hundreds of individual clients on a daily basis and this creates a very fast-paced environment. Each day, designers will be creating fresh new creatives and revision requests. It is necessary to have the perfect balance between creativity and efficiency. 

Below are some of the key attributes we look for in all team members: 

  • Professional design experience.
  • Kind, Positive and Productive Personality. 
  • Effective and efficient workflow.
  • Organized and self-managed.
  • Ability to understand design briefs. 
  • Provide accuracy and quality control on every design.
  • Work well with a team. 
  • Handle constructive criticism and have a growth mindset. 

The Daily Grind

Quality Assurance Responsibilities

Our quality assurance team is our last line of defense against any design errors.. The number one responsibility of a quality assurance team member is to make sure the work they are reviewing is up to par in quality and execution of instructions. 

Here is a list of general designer responsibilities:  

  • Thoroughly check each design you are assigned too.
  • Communicate complex design ideas. 
  • Communicate effectively with your design team and team leader.
  • Collaborate with designers.

Work Times

8 AM to 4 PM

Monday to Friday

Eastern Standard Time U.S.A

What You'll Be Doing, Daily.

This position calls for a keen eye on details. You will be working hand in hand with a design team to double-check their work and guide them to visual greatness. You’ll be the last check to make sure the quality of our designs, spelling and grammar and other stylistic details are up to the level our clients should expect.

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